The brief for this project was given to me by the city of Gothenburg. They wanted a digital solution to bridge the gap between civil society and industry that also involved a fundraiser so that people and companies could contribute.
As soon as I got the project I had this clear vision in my mind. I wanted to design a concept where young individuals that doesn't have the economic possibilities to pay for an education could book free music courses. Through this free course they can create work opportunities for themselves through selling beats and samples online.
I started by looking at other sites that offered courses in music and I found most of them pretty dull and uninspiring. So I wanted to create something that stood out from the rest, something that felt a bit more intriguing and interesting.
My solution is Studio 031. A name and logo that connects to the music studio and the dialling code of Gothenburg. Colors that keep you interested and curious. A digital solution for the new generation of music workers.

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