Gathenhielmska wanted a design that showcased the history of the house at the same time as it had a modern feel to it. In this case we had the luxary to choose from three different contributions from the art director/copywriter students as a starting point of the project.
Me and my digital design colleague Elin worked with two web devlopers for this project. We all started off the project with the sprint method, something that really planted a seed for a lot of good ideas that ended up in the final design.
We wanted the tonality to breathe new and old. So the first thing you see on the site is a hero image with the old photo of Ingela Gathenhielm combined with the modern logo which replicates her face.
This is our solution to the problem Gathenhielmska had. A design that relives the past over and over at the same time as it holds the future in it's hands. A really unique case that I'm so thankful that I was a part of.

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